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Meladze entered the Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute in Ukraine to study mechanical engineering of ship power plants.

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But in January of that year, the third studio album Samba Belogo Motylka (Samba of the White Moth) was released.

After dispute with a producer, Valeriy changed his public image, he start to wear only formal clothes and songs became more cruel and aggressive.

On March 1, 2002 Valeriy acted in Kremlin, English: "Moscow Nights").

In early 2003 the album Sera was re-released, "Poslednij Romantik", "Samba Belogo Motilka" and "Vse tak i bilo". In 2004 Meladze won two awards "MUZ-TV" and "Russian Music Awards" as "The Best Vocalist", "The Best Song" (Pritashenya Bolishe Net) and "The Best Duet".

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Valeriy Meladze was born on 23 June 1965 in Batumi in the family of Shota and Nelly Meladze, who were engineers.

Valeriy has a brother, Konstantin (1963), and a sister, Liana (1968).

During this year, his homemade album "April" reached the producer of the successful Soviet Union group Dialog. Valeriy began singing the group as the lead singer and Konstantin started to write songs for the group.

In 1993, the producer of the group died Dialog lost popularity and in end of 1993 Meladze left the group.

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