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Einstein failed to solve this with his unified field theory of matter which describes reality in terms of matter-energy (fields) in space-time.

The Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) solves these problems by describing Reality in terms of One thing, Space, existing with the Properties of a Wave Medium.

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Cheers, Geoff and Karene Biography: Geoff Haselhurst Biography Karene Howie - Bibliography - Email (George Berkeley, 1710) Nothing seems of more importance, towards erecting a firm system of sound and real knowledge, which may be proof against the assaults of skepticism, than to lay the beginning in a distinct explication of what is meant by thing, reality, existence: for in vain shall we dispute concerning the real existence of things, or pretend to any knowledge thereof, so long as we have not fixed the meaning of those words.

Matter is formed from Spherical Standing Waves in Space which cause the 'particle' effect at their Wave Center.

Time is due to the Wave Motion (activity) of Space.

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