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RJDBC attempts to simplify this issue by internally converting all data types to either character or numeric values.When retrieving results, all known numeric types are converted to R's numeric representation and all other types are treated as characters.

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Please see Handling Database with the Eclipse Data Tools Project for an explanation on how to do this with the Eclipse Data Tools Project.

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The Spring JDBC template offers several ways to query the database. The name of the column is the key in the hashmap for the values in the table.

More convenient is the usage of Result Set Extractor or Row Mapper which allows to translates the SQL result direct into an object (Result Set Extractor) or a list of objects (Row Mapper).

What we're doing is looping through the result set, and for every row grabbing the first column of data and printing it to the screen.

We are using the method provided in the result set called to get the data from the first column in our result set as as String object, and then we're just printing it out via println.The only requirement is working Java and a JDBC driver for the database engine to be accessed.by hand to force garbage collection if there could be many open objects.It might not present a problem, but I would not take the risk on something critical like a hospital system.This will teach you how to connect to a Microsoft Access database. Once you are connected, you may run any SQL statement that is allowable on Access, such as SELECT, etc.I do assume that you understand Java syntax to a degree, and that you are comfortable compiling and executing Java code.

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