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Each week, Take Me Out will see a single man introduced to a group of women, who will each have the opportunity to progress through the show and compete for a date with him.

But if they are not interested in pursuing a date, they can decide to turn the contestant down.

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"I've long thought ITV should be back in the prime-time dating game and this is a great new, modern, dating show," she said.

Blind Date attracted 17 million viewers during its peak between 19.

Sexy Beasts is a British reality television Dating game show produced by Lion Television and aired on BBC Three from 14 February to 9 September 2014.

The show features people being transformed with Hollywood Prosthetic makeup into animal and Mythical creatures.

They wouldn't be caught dead in public without their full face of make-up, their hair done and their glamorous clothes - but what would happen if that was all stripped away?

The programme will see them go on five dates with five men they have never met before.The show promises a completely unique take on dating.Both funny and insightful, we are looking forward to bringing a twist to Valentine’s Day.His romantic excursions include a 4x4 driving course and a line dancing class - will one of them be the location in which he finds true love, as confused members of the public look on? Actually called Bridget Jones, and actually looking like a tree thanks to a monstrous mask, she dates three masked suitors - Chris the leprechaun, Jake the fish and Matt Demon.Jade the cat is wooed by Mike the vampire, Chris the pig and John the bulbous-headed alien.Black return The same women will return each week, and the show's producers hope viewers will get to know them as the series progresses and Mc Guinness tries to match them up.

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