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Knowing when to pull the plug on a Thai girlfriend is something every guy who comes to Thailand should know or maybe you've been living in Thailand for years now and your stuck in a relationship you think isn't going anywhere, maybe it's time to go your separate ways.1.

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The difference or perhaps the line that get's crossed is when she starts calling the other girls, following you around and general stalker behaviour. As soon as this starts happening you should get rid of the girl immediately, it might even mean you have to move apartments as well, she's a psycho bitch and things will only get worse. Your Thai girlfriend gets annoyed at everything you do This could work both ways as well like if you get annoyed at everything she does as well. It's a physiological response to the fact that either you or her just don't like each other anymore.

If it's already at this point you're going to have a tough time even getting rid of her so that's why you should do it immediately before it gets to the chopping your dick off stage. Your Thai girlfriend is abusive Does your Thai girlfriend hit you? Take the warning sign and give her the divorce papers immediately.5.

Here's how his story begins: From there Franco simply just describes the common knowledge of Lohan's career slump and arrests and drug issues and momagers and manages to flatter himself at every turn before ending with these very poetic lines "Every night Lindsay looked for me, and I hid. The other day we talked about how a man was arrested breaking into Bullock's estate around dawn when she was home.

But the meager details left many questions about how aware Bullock was of the break-in (mansions are big! TMZ now reports that arrested suspect Joshua Corbett was not breaking in to steal anything, he was breaking in to get at Sanda Bullock herself. To be fair, he decided not to bring it to Sandra Bullock's house, but Joshua Corbett is definitely the kind of stalker and home invader who owns a machine gun.

Does your Thai girlfriend have a mother that calls her only when she needs money?

And you don't need to speak Thai to know this because after she get's the call that day she will ask to send money.

Perhaps Glee's Lea Michele could answer that question as that is exactly what's going on with her right now!

Let's just compromise and say that hooker moms are the oldest profession.) That is because some people are very attractive and also super chill about sex and also want to be able to afford shopping at Whole Foods, so I guess they figure they might as well sex up two birds with one sex stone. You of all people know what I'm saying, but here's where things get interesting: What happens when a very prominent celebrity enters a new relationship and TMZ discovers that the new 'special friendly friend' is a working hooker?

But most of all, congrats to Lea Michele for, uh, all those services she now has free access to. [TMZ]Current doctoral candidate in the field of pop culture trolling Miley Cyrus has finally unveiled the object of her newest publicity-generating beef: Selena Gomez!

According to tons of fan-shot You Tube videos, during Cyrus' recent Milan leg of her Bangerz Tour, she sang the angry kiss-off song "FU" while carting around a crudely-drawn cardboard cut-out featuring Gomez's face and then ended up "flinging the cardboard into the crowd." Tons of smooth-brains out there immediately surmised that Justin Bieber had something to do with it, because isn't that always the reasons girls fight? But one need only have a remedial knowledge of both Cyrus and Gomez' resumes to know their shared history is long and intertwined.

Most days, I'm proud to be a second-generation American.

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