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Tap Settings Another reason why your may not be receiving i Messages, or your friend may not be receiving the i Messages you send them, could be because i Messages can only be received on Apple devices.If you or your friend recently swapped an i Phone for another type of smartphone you may find that messages start going awol.If i Message is down then you should still be able to communicate with your friends via normal texts; you'll automatically be pushed into green-bubble texts instead of blue-bubble i Messages.

Perhaps you can grab some signal by turning your aerial on and off again, this sometimes works.

Swipe up from the bottom of your i Phone or i Pad screen, and select and deselect Airplane mode.

For International customers: International Air Printed Matter: $6.95 Estimated total shipping time (not including order processing time) is dependent on final destination.

Get it here for free:   For videos, we recommend using VLC Player.

Down Detector provides a graph detailing outage reports from the past 24 hours, and even an outage map to see whether you’re in an affected area.

You could also search for the word i Message and related terms on Twitter; if lots of people are talking about the problem then it's clearly not just you.

Another reason why i Message may not work is because your phone signal isn't sufficient.

If your phone is only getting a GPRS signal rather than Edge, 3G or 4G, you may find that i Message just hangs.

If you swap from an i Phone to another smartphone without first deactivating i Message, any text messages sent by your i Phone owning friends will no longer be delivered to you because they could be stuck in Apple's i Message servers.

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