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A co-defendant Miles Tibbs was also arrested in August.

He is charged with trafficking stolen identities among other charges.

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The purpose is to provide leaders with the needed information on issues of domestic violence and childhood sexual assault.

Given the prevalence of abuse, all faith leaders need basic knowledge about these two types of violence.

- One of the men sought in a suspected ‘sovereign citizen’ identity theft ring has been arrested in Ohio, the Madison County District Attorney’s office told WHNT News 19.

Sean Decambra was arrested last month near Dayton, Ohio, prosecutors said.

this previously- recorded webinar was developed to help prosecutors and criminal justice partners identify, evaluate, and develop improved responses to cases involving battered women who are arrested for using violence against their abusers.

public perceptions of how victims should respond to physical and emotional trauma often conflict with the way victims actually behave, and these misconceptions can severely affect the fact finders’ assessment of victim credibility and ultimate case outcome.His case has been waived to a Madison County grand jury.Tibbs brother, Monualdai Tibbs is also sought in the case.This recording described common victim behaviors and dynamics in intimate partner violence cases, as well as their impact on fact finders' assessments of victim credibility.The presenter discussed the law related to the introduction of expert testimony by the prosecution to explain victim behavior and how to identify experts qualified to testify on this issue.Strengthening Hope and Resilience in Children, Youth and Mothers in Domestic Violence Programs: Lessons from Friendship Home, ACE-DV, Friendship Home and National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Full Court Press: Building Capacity for Expert Witness in Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Strangulation & Stalking, The University of Texas at Austin's Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, School of Social Work and School of Law and Criminal Justice Division, Texas Governor's Office.

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