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We believe that clients with the best information also make the best- informed decisions. Attorney James Johnson works for his clients on a contingency-fee-basis which means he requires no upfront payments. However, when the case is settled, the attorney will take his fee as an agreed percentage of the final settlement.

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We will negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit as well as act as an intermediary between the injured party and the responsible parties.

We will also make sure you get the best treatment available.

One reason may be that the experience and skill the attorney possess' in all the details involved in personal injury claims can translate to an easier process with one less thing to worry about.

A California personal injury lawyer steps in to represent the best interests of the injured person.

Johnson Attorneys Group can help you find a trusted medical representative to care for your injuries in the proper manner and help you recover as much as medically possible.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to manage your claim is a multi-faceted decision.The first thing you should do is contact an attorney.Without the representation of a lawyer insurance companies might make contact with you directly and since they tend to care for their best interests this could mean a loss of rights on your behalf if you unknowingly signed something that wasn't completely explained to you. If you are experiencing pain or some kind of physical harm then the help of a qualified doctor is important to your well being.California follows the pure comparative negligence law.This allocates fault between parties and will reduce any recovery accordingly.The time limit, or statute of limitations, is different depending on who is responsible for the injury.

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