Divine dating

Feel your strong love for Divine (God) deep in your soul. Get Real: It’s time to throw Barbie and Ken in the trash and GET REAL!

When you are describing your ideal mate, let things that are not very important go!

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Lifestyle, activity level, spirituality and a decent base of common interests are more important.

Once you have your must haves and preferences, get your creative juices flowing and write a story describing your ideal day with your ideal mate. Use present tense, as if he/she is already in your life.

Get Love: When you love yourself unconditionally, you create and draw loving energy toward yourself.

Remembering that you are Divine Energy, makes loving yourself unconditionally come naturally.

If you are a woman, and you prefer a taller partner, be open to meeting someone shorter (there are a lot of incredible not-so-tall-men out there! If you are man and you want a perfectly slender/thin woman, instead, imagine your mate active, energetic and fit. Chemistry is a funny thing and comes in all shapes and sizes!

If you prefer younger or older, know that age is extremely relative. There are many things that are more important to a loving relationship than age, race, height or weight, like children, spirituality and lifestyle.

In an interview with Jack Canfield, author of You definitely have to decide what you want.

If I call up a travel agent and say, “I’d like to go on vacation,” they’re going to say next, “Where do you want to go?

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, get centered and relaxed. When you remember and embrace your Divinity, you will be grounded in self love and wholeness, not looking to others to “complete” or validate you.

Once you are in a meditative state, feel your connection with Divine Energy and know that you are Divine. Do this everyday for at least 5 minutes when you first wake in the morning and every night before bed. You are whole, complete and in love with yourself, therefore, fully present when interacting with others.

Once you have your list, circle the items that are “must haves.” In other words, if your ideal partner does not have these qualities, it would be a deal breaker.

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