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Having a strong data or Wi Fi connection is also important, unless you want your video to drop out.

The aim of the game is to grow your number of followers - when people hit the 'Follow' button under your streams, they'll get a notification next time you go live, building up your views and engagement with each video.

Males demonstrated higher age-related, systemic inflammation compared to females, and sensitivity to oral bacterial infection, indicative of immune dysfunction, despite better maintenance of gut barrier function.

Intriguingly, this points to further sex bias(es) in immunity that could contribute to male mortality.

In contrast, male guts stay well maintained and do not show the same signs of ageing.

Females fed less food had guts that aged more slowly, suggesting they might live longer on a restricted diet because it improves their gut health. then used a genetic trick to make male flies with female guts.

This revealed that female guts deteriorate as the flies grow old because the stem cells in the gut divide more often and form small tumours.

These stem cells help young females to grow and repair their guts, but start to turn against them as they age.

Males succumb to intestinal challenges to which females are resistant, associated with fewer proliferating ISCs, suggesting a trade-off between highly active repair mechanisms and late-life pathology in females.

Dietary restriction reduces gut pathology in aging females, and extends female lifespan more than male.

Stem cells can help to repair old and damaged tissue because, when they divide, they can form a cell that can specialize into one of several mature cell types.

Previous studies of the fruit fly have shown that stem cell activity in the gut affects how long female flies live. have looked in detail at the guts of male and female fruit flies as they age.

However, the mechanisms underlying sex differences in intestinal pathology are not well understood.

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