Objectivist dating site

Dale Graff had one item on his List that seemed particularly elusive: after dating women who made a big fuss about his gluten-free and dairy-free diet, he wanted a partner who shared his diet.

Since then, niche sites have expanded to encompass everything from dietary restrictions to hobbies. “People naturally want to sort themselves to be with people like themselves,” he said.

“It’s a fundamental rule that people like people that are like themselves.” It may seem that online dating can break down real-life barriers between would-be lovers — say, helping link daters of different races.

The Passions Network includes more than 250 such niches sites, for fans of everything from scuba diving to mustaches.

The site White Label made launching a niche dating site as easy as starting a Wordpress blog — anyone can use the platform to build their own service in exchange for a 30 percent cut of revenue.

“People always selected different ways of meeting partners — at churches versus bars versus country clubs — and the idea was to meet someone who were especially compatible with you.

But we’ve never seen this level of specialization or this level of easy access before.” The Internet made it easier to search for a compatible partner. “Niche dating sites help people design the life they want, they pare down the hunt so it’s easier,” said Renée Piane, a Los Angeles dating coach.A friend told him about a new online dating site, Glutenfree There he could search by diet preferences such as gluten-free, macrobiotic or paleo in addition to the standard categories of age, religion and education.“The search function helps them sift through faster.” Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and scientific adviser to the Match Group, said that niche sites also help cut down some of the noise of dating online.“Sometimes online dating gives people cognitive overload,” she said.His new research found that people who meet online progress faster to marriage.

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