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Anyway, Charlotte comes in, and Charlotte and I immediately click on a writing level, and immediately start writing together.

The first thing we write is “How Much More,” which is still one of our all-time poppiest songs.

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Belinda lived with Lorna Doom [of the Germs] in another apartment in the building. I can’t remember if Margot [Olaverra], she’s the [Go-Go’s] original bass player, ever moved into the Canterbury.

I remember her living in a place around the corner.

Do you remember “Robert Hilburn,” which slagged off the music critic of the Los Angeles Times? AVC: Who was living with you at the time when you were writing that song?

Or if he did, by the time he heard about it, we were doing so well that he didn’t dare not like us. JW: No, no, he didn’t ever do anything to us, I think it was more me observing as an outsider. I was just saying he was a poser—which, back in the ’70s, was the biggest insult you could put on someone. I had to look the lyrics up on the Internet, since they’re hard to discern on the bootleg.

უფასო სამედიცინო გასინჯვების აქციის ფარგლებში ვრცლად შრომის, ჯანმრთელობისა და სოციალური დაცვის მინისტრი დავით სერგეენკო, ჯანდაცვის მსოფლიო ორგანიზაციის ევროპის რეგიონული დირექტორი ქ-ნი ჟუჟანა იაკობი, დაავადებათა კონტროლისა და საზოგადოებრივი ჯანმრთელობის ეროვნული ცენტრის დირექტორი ამირან გაყრელიძე და ვრცლად C ჰეპატიტის ელიმინაციის პროგრამის მომსახურების ცენტრი ფალიაშვილის N110-ში დღეს გაიხსნა.

ბენეფიციარებს განაცხადის შეტანა და მათთვის საჭირო ინფორმაციის მიღება უკვე ახალ მისამართზე შეუძლიათ.And the other people living in the building with us were people on SSI, which I don’t even know exists anymore, but it was money you could get if you could prove to the government that you were crazy homeless people living on welfare, bag ladies. If I believed in hell, I’d definitely be going there.There was this bag lady, she was crazy, she had to be in her 80s or 90s. When she died, I was sad that she died—I mean, she was this little old lady—but face it, people die. AVC: If that’s the worst thing you’ve done, you’re in good shape.Now, with a 30th-anniversary edition of their landmark album Beauty And The Beat in stores, the Go-Go’s have decided to keep things going; they’re still touring, but not saying goodbye just yet. Club: The Go-Go’s had a whole life, and repertoire, before the Beauty And The Beat era. It was “Living at the Canterbury, fighting off the roaches / like living in a dormitory until rental due approaches / Don’t know how we’ll get the cash, we spent it all on beer / I don’t know, but sometimes it’s better not to care, and sometimes I don’t like to care.” Something like that. Here’s the thing—when we started, I was all about the punk anthem and criticizing other people and the word “angry” and all that stuff.When she isn’t being a Go-Go, Wiedlin is a prolific solo artist and songwriter-for-hire—she and bandmate Charlotte Caffey contributed to the excellent soundtrack of the Josie And The Pussycats movie—as well as a comic-book writer, fetish model, and animal-rights activist. There are bootlegs of you playing at the Whiskey A Go Go as far back as 1978, including several songs that never saw the light of day. I’m still pissed off and stuff, but I just kind of got over criticizing people in songs, and we naturally started progressing to being, I don’t know, I would say more personal and introspective and much less political, even though, in my personal life, I am more political than ever.She wore this weird thing on her head that made her look like a pinhead. And as a punk rocker, I snuck into her apartment and stole some of her clothes. JW: She was dead, it’s not like she could take it with her.

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