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This strata contains hundreds of asteroids which have been identified thus far.

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"The number of discovered Near-Earth Asteroids now tops 15,000, with and average of 30 new discoveries added each week" according to NASA's webpage NASA web page As recently as February 15, 2013 a meteorite hit in Chelyabinsk Russia. The impact was calculated as the equivalent of a blast of 300,000 tons of TNT.

It shattered windows and damaged over 3,000 buildings and injured 1500 people. It points out the imminent danger of another large meteorite or asteroid from outer space wiping out possibly whole civilizations.

It is estimated that first degree burns from the fireball would have afflicted people within 60 miles.

Could these asteroids have caused the earth to crack and continents to move?

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clases de fosiles visiones del mundo articulos interesantes dinosaurios de la Historia Conferencias Carbono14 REVISADA Radioactivo Decay Mudstone formacion formacion de aceite madera a la piedra Sedimentos investigacion a nivel Mundial Gran Canon Investigacion nuevas hueilas sangre de dinosaurio noticias recientes contacterios blog Sortes de Fossiles visions du monde articles interessants Dinosaures de l'histoire Conferences datation au carbone 14 desintegration radioactive formation de mudstone formation d'huile bois a la pierre Sediments la recherche dans le monde entier la recherche Grand Canyon empreintes sang de dinosaure dernnieres nouvelles contactez nous site de blog ASTEROIDS: Scientists have discovered a very large asteroid impact site in Antarctica.

What caused the continents to separate and created many of the mountain ranges of the world.

Slowly drifting continents have been the usual explanation for the past 50 years and is generally referred to as Plate Tectonics Theory.

In 1907 a large something from outer space destroyed thousands of acres of forest in Tunguska.

Scientist for the last hundred years have been searching for a crator or remnants of space rock.

Finally in 2008 scientist think they have found an impact site at the bottom of a nearby lake Cheko.

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