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An investigation led by Mail Today revealed that thousands of pictures were being copied from accounts of girls on Facebook and then morphed to be used for promoting pornographic content.

The newspaper also revealed that a group of ethical hackers have started a war against this explicit social media pages in India and have reportedly taken down many accounts that were coping pictures and misusing them.

There are several such active pages, but cops are barely doing anything to take them down," cyber crime expert Kislay Choudhary, who has worked with Delhi and Noida Police in several cases, said.

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During our investigation, we also found that some are taking pictures of unsuspecting girls at bus stops, cafés and other public places," the hacker said.

Even police are flooded with several such complaints, but the action they take is limited - they just block the content.

Hackers claim that these criminals are faking their identity to create such pages, but they (the hackers) are exposing their phone numbers, address and even their IP addresses, to shame them."We exposed details of the criminals' real identity along with their fake profile on our page.

Taking legal action is not in our hands, but our work is to expose them.

In March 1998, using hardware, software, and programming assistance donated by Sun Micro Systems, NCMEC launched the Cyber Tipline® to further NCMEC’s mission of helping to prevent and diminish the sexual exploitation of children.

The Cyber Tipline provides the public and electronic service providers (ESPs) with the ability to report online (and via toll-free telephone) instances of online enticement of children for sexual acts, extra-familial child sexual molestation, child pornography, child sex tourism, child sex trafficking, unsolicited obscene materials sent to a child, misleading domain names, and misleading words or digital images on the Internet.NCMEC continuously reviews Cyber Tipline reports to ensure that reports of children who may be in imminent danger get first priority.After NCMEC’s review is completed, all information in a Cyber Tipline report is made available to law enforcement.Hackers found out that the followers of these pages with explicit content are equipped with cameras and smartphones.Not only do they steal pictures of girls on Facebook, they are also taking photographs of girls at public places and sending them to the administrators of these pages. Experts believe more than 40 per cent female users on Facebook are victims of such crimes in India."This is the biggest online threat we face today.So, through social engineering, we get control over these profiles and pages and block them," a hacker, who is part of the team, explained.

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