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Once you are approved for Pay Pal Here, you may have the Pay Pal Here Device mailed to you at an address selected by you or purchase it from an Authorized Retailer. You must be approved by Pay Pal to use Pay Pal Here.(If you made the purchase on e Bay, start here instead.)2.

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The line was briefly revived in the 1980s with new dolls, among them an African-American Playpal, and in the 2000s by Ashton-Drake Galleries and Danbury Mint, the latter of which released a reproduction of the Shirley Temple Playpal doll.

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If you are a new Pay Pal User, the Pay Pal Here Device will be mailed to the address you provide at sign up.

The delivery of the device through Pay Pal is subject to the following conditions.

Patti Playpal, also spelled as Patti Play Pal, was an American line of dolls produced by the Ideal Toy Company during the late 1950s to early 1960s.

The dolls head, arms, legs and torso are made from vinyl. At 36 inches (91 cm) they are made and marketed as "companion dolls" to children, and thus are able to share clothing and play with its owner as if it were a real person.

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Pay Pal Here is available in the fifty United States and the District of Columbia.

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