Fools rush in dating is stupid quote

I am all for mindless, cheesy chick lit, but this one was just bad.

Minus the fact she's an adult, I remember doing that when I was a teenager! He was rugged yet handsome and confident in himself. When I asked why they called him that, he answered, "'Bungalow', you know, 'nothing upstairs'."!! Let me just tell you what happens so you don't have to waste your time and read it.

But when reality clashes with fantasy, it's very humbling. He was loyal and kind, a great father to his son, Dan. Millie Barnes is endearing for 3.7 seconds and then turns into the most annoying, immature, unlikeable person ever. I don't know how, because she's so stupid, but whatever.

His pure and intense feelings for Millie were natural and you couldn't help but feel these two were destined. Ever since high school she's been pining over the most perfect, gorgeous man, Joe Carpenter the Carpenter (I'm serious) who is, you guessed it, a carpenter.

Some people might suffer the 'ick' factor since Millie is trish's sister, but I didn't get that. And the last 20 or so pages had me crying and sniffling till the end! She loses weight and pretties herself and stalks him (somethin Let me just tell you what happens so you don't have to waste your time and read it.

My big question is how Millie's supposed straight-talking, no-nonsense, bitch-on-wheels bff actually stayed friends with her There is something wrong with me.

Maybe I am actually a Kristan Higgins heroine, smart but compulsively unable to avoid what I KNOW is bad for me! Seeing as this was her first book, it definitely didn't read like a debut. Seeing as this was her first book, it definitely didn't read like a debut.

Millie has her heart set on a life she has built up in her head to be perfect and that perfect life revolves around her crush since high school, Joe. Eventually she figures out that she is in love with her sister's ex-husband, Sam (I could have told you this from about Chapter 2). All this boring, not important stuff happens and they end up married at the end of the book, which is just weird.

Who among us hasn’t created a perfect version of someone in their mind, one with bits of reality and a LOT of fantasy? Millie gets exactly what she has always wanted and soon realizes that reality does not live up to her fantasy. There are also other characters in the book: her sister Trish (also unlikable), Trish and Sam's teenage son/her nephew Danny (cool kid, just kind of unrealistic), her parents (I can't even remember their names), Digger (the dog she adopted as part of her plan to win Joe over), Joe's 3-legged dog (can't remember his name, either, but he was pretty cool), her best girl friend (nope, don't know her name, either), and her two typical best gay guy friends (you guessed it, their names slipped my mind, too), among some other people who don't really matter.

I think we've all had crushes on people and thought we knew them just because we knew some of their habits. Ok, Joe was good-looking but, dear Lord, not the "sharpest knife in the drawer." I used to have a boyfriend who was friends with my brother ...

That made Millie so relatable because although she put Joe on a pedestal he didn't deserve, she suffered from what many girls have done before her. My convulsive gasping took a while to stop, but after all, what a workout. my brother and his friends used to call him "Bung".

But Millie can't see past her infatuation with Joe.

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