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I would talk to some people at their factories while we were eating lunch, and there were bales of tobacco all around us. Ernie Carrillo (Ernesto Perez-Carrillo) is probably the godfather of exile Cuban Miami made cigars.

I know the Padrons and they are definitely people I respect. I had first heard of Pepin Garcia through a gentlemen names Edwardo Fernandez.

Ernie Carillo kept the factory working here in Miami and kept people working. CP - Was Miami your first choice for a new factory?

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I’m pretty sure Eduardo had similar problems with that leaf so he started working on different seed strains, re-examined how they were working the soil with magnesium, and then there was this miracle grow that was being used, which oxygenated the earth too much.

You don’t see the problem, the plant looks great growing in the fields.

I still think we make great cigars with the factories in Central America, but there is no place except Cuba where you can make cigars like Miami.

CP – A lot of your tobacco still comes from Nicaragua. EP – With the end of the Nicaraguan Civil war in the 80s, that has allowed the country to flourish. An analogy is UC Davis Berkley as a big wine school in the 60s. It wasn’t until the 70s or even more so the 80s where California came into its own. Now even though wine and tobacco are a different style of plant, with tobacco you have to really work the soil for nutrients, the more you keep the yields under control, the stronger and better quality you’ll get. It’s like building muscle, you have to tear it down a little bit to rebuild it. He and his brother went to Spain in the early 80s, and started a pizza delivery chain, called Tele Pizza, then sold it for a lot of money.

The series 68 are made by the cousins of the family of Racias Cubanas factory. EP - You can hear a lot of people saying that they have Cuban-seed Nicaragua, but what you’re seeing on there is Habano-seed Ecuador, which is very nice and used on a lot of cigars that I adore as well. No one could ever ferment that leaf – it just never burned right.

It’s a thinner wrapper and has a citrus aftertaste. It was so thick, it was beautiful, and no one could get it to burn right.

He told me that I should work with Pepin, and I did. I saw details there that I didn’t see anywhere else. Even the thing that made it special at the time is lost. A lot of people want to know what’s going on with my cigars.

Most people will see a Ferrari and think that it’s beautiful, but nobody is really noticing the leather, the interior or the mechanics. That was great and that was the style of cigars that I wanted to make. No Pepin is not making my cigars anymore, but all of the tobacco is coming from its original source. Over time they evolve and they take on the particular characteristics of the soil and the land that they are part of.

It’s very expensive to manufacturer cigars in Miami. It was an opportunity to take that work force and tap into that knowledge of tobacco from all of the people here.

Tampa has had a long history with tobacco and Cuban people.

It comes from Eduardo Fernandez and the fields of Nicaragua from Jalapa and Esteli. What Eduardo did was use the expertise of the Cubans, uses Cuban-seeds as well as other types of tobacco. If you dropped me in Texas, twenty years from now I’ll start speaking with a twang. Taking a first generation seed is pretty interesting since it still has some of its original characteristics.

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