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But he was lonely in his huge mansion on the mountain hill. There’s no way that my new robotic technology will allow the Baltics to lose. Ukraine yelled at her brother Russia, “You’re being awfully insensitive to him Russia! ” She managed to get Russia to leave, but once she did, nothing could halt the extreme sorrowful bawling and hot tears running down Finland Dreams and Survival Part 1-APH Sufin Nordic Mpreg Dreams and Survival Part 1(A Su Fin Mpreg Fanfic-APH Sweden x Finland)By: Kaede N. Finland shifted uncomfortably on the rocking chair, stroking his belly.The nordics...shall die tonight.”Finland covered his ears and began bawling. Ever since he realized that he was pregnant, his lover, Sweden, had been extra gentle with him.)A young Marth stood silently as he watched his favorite knight, Ike, kneel before him. Marth was either going to accept or deny his knighthood based on that very oath.

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And in case either of them decides to take it a step further, Naruto popped several condoms in his front pocket.

Sasuke gasped after walking in the front door, "I-I did it! " Sasuke took a long shower and wore his silver tux with his blue tie.

Today was the last day…and he had ignored the feeling until now. Its just wrong for 2 guys to be together like this." Gamakichi simply said, "Well, Jiraya told me the one way to get a partner to be satisfied with you is…let them top." Naruto fell off the bed trying to imagine it.

But if he did nothing now…he would never have Naruto know he liked him. He used to like liked Sakura Haruno, but his feelings never turned to lust. " Naruto talked loud to Gamakichi, the toad, "Man…what do I do…? Naruto simply replied, "No way… I won't let Sasuke top me, even in bed! " The next day, after school; Sasuke pulled Naruto aside, "Dobe…we need to talk." Naruto was pulled away from his crowd: Shikamaru, Choji, Lee and Neji. Naruto was all fidgety, "Sasuke…what's this about?

So Sweden had taken the responsibility of protecting both countries while Finland rested and rel Summer of Lust-Yaoi Summer of Lust By: Kaede Natsu Sakurano Nole checked the calendar. Then it hit Nole…they hadn't done to the beach yet! "Daron smiled, "But your tan is awesome." Nole blushed from being complemented by Daron. "Just by walking on the beach, tons of fangirls turned and st My Prince, My Leader, My Brother (Ike x Marth)My Prince, My Leader, My Brother(A Marth x Ike Yaoi Fanfic)By: Kaede N. All my Marth x Ike stories deal with them being BROTHERS though I already know that’s false!

If this offends you in any way, shape or form, please do not comment!I want to do you…so bad…" As Naruto turned around for a second, Sasuke kissed his thin lips. There was no need for prom now…just sex… Innocence Shattered-Luka x Yuki Story Innocence shattered(A Luka x Yuki story: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)By: Kaede N. Note: To avoid confusion between the two Yuki's, the female one will be referred to as Yukina and male one as Yuki. The amount of healing that he'd had to do lately was overwhelming because of the increasing number of duras attacks, and it really taxed on his body.Luka had finally pulled him out of Izusu's infirmary and made him rest. No matter how much he loved Yuki, he couldn't stop seeing Yukina whenever he looked at Yuki. Luka carried Yukina in his arms and told her, "Be more careful.I promise to defend his honor by standing for him in battle. We cannot be in the eyes of the world.”Marth shook his head, “We have the same father. But the light-blonde haired, green eyed boy wasn't paying attention to the landscape.You’re my brother…I can Dark Sins and Secrets-Drarry-Anime story Dark Secrets and Sins[A Drarry Story-Draco x Harry-Harry Potter]By: Kaede N. His eyes were fixed on a boy in the Gryffindor called Harry Potter, the boy who lived the terror of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.If anything happened to you-"Yukina smiled, "I knowyou'd never forgive yourself. The Zweilt need me."Luka shook his head, "You need to be safe as well."Yukina kissed his cheek, "I love you Luka."Luka opened his eyes and turned to the door. It wa The Winter of Love (Ukraine XTurkey Story)The Winter of Love(Ukraine x Turkey: Hetalia Fan-Story)By: Kaede N. ” Ukraine sat crying on her porch and was trying to wipe her eyes. ”She wiped her eyes and looked down, “I didn’t have enough money to pay for the gas…because I’m a farmer nation. I feel so cold…and it’s not winter yet.”Turkey pulled Ukraine into an embrace, “Come to my country. Riley's happiness and kindness, mixed in with a hint of sadness and regret. He just needed Riley to get a bit drunk and that would be his week Dreams and Survival Part 2-APH Sufin Nordic Mpreg Dreams and Survival Part 2(A Su Fin Mpreg Fanfic-APH Sweden x Finland)By: Kaede N. Finland sobbed softly and balled up in his bed after those sharply cutting words escaped Russia’s lips.

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