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The Fans' Club show featured dialogues with eliminated contestants and fans of the show.

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The news was later confirmed by trusted sources inside Top Channel.

The production team of Big Brother Albania had to undergo some series of changes after last year's viewership drop.

Big Brother 7 (Albania) was the seventh season of the Albanian series of the worldwide franchise of Big Brother.

It was based upon the Dutch series of the same name, which gained notoriety in 19.

One of the most discussed topic was the sexual orientation of most of the housemates, which became a rising topic inside and out of the House.

Different magazines and newspapers were alleging on the housemates sexual preferences using also photos and information from their lives as evidences.The night of the live show was also moved from Saturdays to Fridays at CET to give Big Brother a longer-lasting time slot.Before the seventh season began the producers of the series promised a lot of changes and a return to the basic format of Big Brother.The live eviction show this year moved to Fridays at CET, while the Daily Recap show aired every day of the week in different schedules, also including a weekly recap on Sundays.Ledion Liço was rumored to be the host of the spin-off show Big Brother Albania Fans' Club thus replacing Albana Osmani, but however in last minute changes, Albana Osmani returned for the third season in a row.Like all of the previous seasons, two 24/7 live PPV channels were made available on Digit Alb since the start of the show. The House changed location and was built from scratch near Gërdec, Albania with a similar architecture and format as last year's one.

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