The game on a dating show change of heart

It’s far too easy to go back to the old well of Worf bitching about tradition, and Dax wanting to have fun but not being able to.

He found mainstream recognition as a presenter on Channel Nine's Getaway, before taking the ambitious leap overseas to pursue a career in the United States.

The gamble paid off, with Jason since landing presenting gigs on VH1 and work as a special correspondent on Entertainment Tonight.

Dax can encourage Worf’s latent humor and passion, while Worf can ground Dax’s life and offer unflinching support.

The biggest issue is that the writers have rarely managed to achieve this.

The cold open has Worf and O’Brien observing a Tongo game in progress; Dax is down by a considerable amount of latinum, but Worf, despite not really understanding the game, is convinced that his wife is about to pull a big upset.

He’s so convinced, in fact, that he bets with O’Brien on the outcome, a bet that he then loses.It’s a cute bit, and doesn’t have much to do with the plot, outside of establishing just how fond Worf is of his wife—but considering where the story is about to go, that’s pretty damn important.Just as important, the exchange between O’Brien and Worf gives the latter a chance to actually be friendly and likable, instead of just growling at people.We see Worf and Dax hanging out in their apartments, him praying to a shrine, her respecting his beliefs and then climbing into bed naked.(So I guess they don’t have to beat the shit out of each other every time they have sex.) We see them chatting about their honeymoon plans, and while this conversation reverts back to their familiar roles—Worf wants traditional Klingon suffering, Dax wants to be “pampered”—it’s still light and pleasant.The television personality now splits his time between Los Angeles and Australia.

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