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Hindus will marry Hindus, while Muslims will look for a match within the Muslim community and Christian families will prefer their children getting married to a Christian.

This is probably to preserve the culture and heritage of their religion as customs and rituals vary greatly between religions.

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Criteria for Suitable Match The suitability of a match is determined after taking into account several factors.

While some are common for the boy’s and girl’s sides, certain others are tailored to suit either side.

Arranged marriages became the most prevalent way of marriage in the country and among Hindus especially.

Process of Arranged Marriage Arranged marriages in India are long drawn out processes, where finalizing the perfect match may take months and even years.

These rules were seeped in patriarchal tones and advocated stripping women of their basic independence, from a belief that independent women spread promiscuity.

The women from this time on were put under the shackles of forced patriarchy, having to live under the guardianship of a man in all stages of life: Father when she is unmarried, Husband when she is married and son when she is old/widowed.

As position of women in the society degraded, the concept of marriage and her role in it also changed.

Previous custom of asking for her consent was abolished and rituals like dowry, child marriages, exchange marriage and other derogatory customs began to rise.

While seeking a match, the parents prefer to choose a candidate belonging to same or compatible caste and sub-caste.

This is probably done to preserve the ethnicity of the caste and to seek a match with people having similar customs as one.

Culture: The cultural background of the two families is also taken into consideration while fixing a match.

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