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The word limit is 3000 for fiction and life writing entries and a maximum of 5 poems (other terms and conditions apply).’ The prize is £300 and publication in the magazine.

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The concept of livestreaming yourself having sex whilst an audience of strangers watch, however, is.

And that’s exactly what many couples use to get their kicks, whether they’re the ones putting on the show or the voyeurs watching along, often commenting as they go.

Rebecca believes there’s something liberating about getting naked on camera and after doing it once, was keen to do it again: “We walked away more in love with each other for going on this adventure together, with the confidence of compliments from the strangers watching us, and the thrill of being exhibitionists that made us go back for more the next night.

And then the next night.” And with more people speaking out, it's a trend that seems only likely to grow.

The Athens Marathon, the only race conducted along the original course from Marathon to Athens and the Panathenaic Stadium, remains an emblematic event for all long-distance aficionados.

In its present form it is held continuously from 1983 on, dedicated to Grigoris Lambrakis, the great Greek doctor, champion in the Balkan Athletic Games and pacifist. SEGAS, the Hellenic Athletic Federation, invites you to participate in it or attend it as spectators, in order to experience in full the thrill of the top running event.

One woman, blogger Rebecca Dane, recently divulged her first experience of streaming sex with her husband, having spent hours watching other people: “One night your partner turns to you and says, ‘I want to f*ck you with the whole world watching.’ So we did.” It’s a bizarre world, where people build relationships with their viewers, often exchanging messages mid-act.

Most comments are respectful, but “every so often you find out which chatters are masturbating along,” reveals Rebecca.

The book has already attracted warm praise from established names like Amy Bloom and Barbara Gowdy.

‘The unforgettable prose is moody, shape-shifting, provocative and always as compelling as a strong light at the end of a road you hesitate to walk down…but will’ (Amy Bloom) and ‘Kathy Page is a massive talent: wise, smart, very funny and very humane’ (Barbara Gowdy).

Submissions are now being solicited for for Volume 2, Issue 2 until April 30th.

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