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You don’t need him in your life anymore, so under no conditions you should agree on such terms.

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Sometimes, you simply need to spend some time on your own, clear your mind, think about what it was that brought you to that point in your relationship, and then decide what to do next.

When your relationship comes to that point, it would be good for you if you might start considering taking a break from a relationship.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to put your social life into a new context.

Do so, and see whether you like it or not (pay attention: meeting new people doesn’t mean dating new people.

Whether you want to stay where you were before, or you are willing to move on, this is the time when you will find out.

Just don’t forget that this doesn’t necessarily be a ‘rough patch’: this is a middle ground, enjoy what it has to offer.

Endure, because only in that way you two can see some results, whether you continue with your relationship or agree not to.

Once you two have agreed on everything there is to agree about, you can start (not) enjoying the entire process of taking a break from your relationship.

Do what you like doing, turn to your hobbies, start practicing yoga, work on yourself, and improve yourself.

Don’t lock yourself in your room wearing PJs and eating kilograms of chocolate, while watching reruns of every TV show there is. On the contrary, it will just help you feel more and more unhappy.

In that way, both of you will give yourself enough space for a decent introspection, a great opportunity to take a look at your problems from various points of view.

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