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This railway completed the rail link between Bangkok, Thailand and Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon).The line was closed in 1947, but the section between Nong Pla Duk and Nam Tok was reopened ten years later in 1957. More than 180,000—possibly many more—Southeast Asian civilian labourers (Romusha) and 60,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) worked on the railway.To supply their forces in Burma, the Japanese depended upon the sea, bringing supplies and troops to Burma around the Malay peninsula and through the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea.

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Its route was through Three Pagodas Pass on the border of Thailand and Burma.

69 miles (111 km) of the railway were in Burma and the remaining 189 miles (304 km) were in Thailand.

Websites like which under the headline “Manufacturing Affliction” showed gruesome pictures of alleged “Muslims killed in Myanmar”, were actually altered.

One of the photographs is of a group of monks overseeing disposal of hundreds of corpses.

To avoid a hazardous 2,000 miles (3,200 km) sea journey around the Malay peninsula, a railway from Bangkok, Thailand to Rangoon, Burma seemed a feasible alternative.

The project aimed to connect Ban Pong in Thailand with Thanbyuzayat in Burma, linking up with existing railways at both places.

They were shouting slogans against the violence in Assam and Myanmar. Similar protests were seen in Allahabad and Kanpur.

As the government woke up to the danger of rumour-mongering through mobile phone messages, the home ministry asked service providers to stop transmission of all messages above 20k B.

Exodus has stopped a bit and state governments, particularly Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, are doing good work.

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