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I looked up and his beautiful blue eyes were serious for once."If you do this, Seth, you'll never be able to stop sucking cock. Like ass fucking or coke," he added with a new giggle.

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Maybe it was the 3 beers I'd had...maybe it was the yummy white powder Isabelle had left around that I'd put up my nose. I could feel the blood thundering through my brain and cock, and it wasn't what I had snorted doing it. I could barely speak, realizing how much hotter he had gotten over summer.

Or maybe I was just getting relaxed about what I wanted. I saw him walking out of his lobby and before I knew it, he was standing at my passenger door. His always messy sandy blonde hair hung over one eye, and the flatness of his waistline was easily seen under his tight blue t-shirt.

Wordlessly I pulled around back of the small basketball stadium, parking near a dumpster that hid my car from the road. A smiling goldfish tattoo was just above on his hip, and seemed to welcome me.

I guessed he had done this before, judging from the directions and the grin on his face. I leaned over, licking my lips, when he put his hand on my shoulder to stop me.

As far back as I could remember, when I thought of sex I fantasized not just about girls but boys. Flash forward seven years and I was finally at college.

After discovering masturbation at eleven, the usual department store catalogues became a heaven for me, and the more skin showed, the better...naturally though, this meant I often ended up making myself cum to images of ripped torsos and pecs instead of flat stomachs and swelling breasts. Even at the conservative university I attended, fun was easily found, and in a short time I found a 19 year old sophomore named Isabelle willing to spread her legs any way and time I asked. I kept in touch with a few highschool friends via the net, and one day saw a guy I'd barely known in high school online.

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The wonderful thing about the snapshots is that you can actually see an image of what's happening in the live show.

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