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Alex was my first friend on the Cape, and a good friend at that! She is the kind of person that would bend over backwards to help someone out!

They also enjoy taking trips to visit Tracy's family in Hudson for home cooked Portuguese meals and quality time with Tracy's niece and nephew John and Avery.

They also enjoy going back to Ryan's Home of Florida, MA to snow shoe (in the winter), hike the Appalachian Trail, eat at the infamous Jack's Hot Dogs, and visit with his family.

Mandy and her family welcomed me into their family with open arms when we started dating.

She was with us on our Vermont vacation when Ryan proposed and she was so happy for us, it was great to have her there and celebrate with us that night! Avery and John are so much fun, and always have Ryan and I tired out from an afternoon of playing.

We both love our Portuguese heritage, working out and having a good time.

Alex and I have only been friends since 2015 but we instantly connected. With both of our significant others being police officers we instantly had something in common and instantly became friends. From the start Nikki and I were close, she instantly became my sister when she joined our family.

She is also the amazing mother to John and Avery who are our flower girl & ring bearer.

Mandy is Ryan's older sister, and recently was married herself.

Julia was my first godchild, and that truly means a lot to me I couldn't imagine her not being a part of our big day!

Although we don't see each other as much as we would like, when we do see each other we create great memories! They grew up 2 years apart, Ryan being the older brother.

Ryan and Tracy also enjoy traveling; they love trips to Martha's Vineyard, which was their first vacation together, Nantucket, and Vermont (which happened to be where Ryan proposed to Tracy). Although we went to different elementary schools, we always played together after school in the neighborhood.

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