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I can’t tell you every girl’s personal preference, so I’ll just tell you what you need to know to make sure you never find yourself in the middle of a girl’s turn off zone!#1 Insecure personalities One of the biggest turn offs for women is a guy who’s insecure about himself.Now I’m not talking about being an idiot or the village simpleton.

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Well, say what you want, you’re just going to be a cocky pompous prick. Learn some humility and you could still get back in a girl’s good books.

#4 The foot in the mouth Now this isn’t a bad thing, but we’ve all experienced it. You’re kissing a girl, and all of a sudden, you stop and tell her you need to pee.

All girls and guys have experienced this at some point in their lives.

We’ve all had to sit next to a guy, and his conversations were so boring that you would rather jump off a cliff.

[Read: How to be chivalrous] To sum it up, we’ve all been taught to think like a girl and experience what they feel. They’re very much in touch with the feminine side inside them, but they’ve been so rigorously trained on connecting with their feminine side that they’ve crossed the line and have gone way overboard.

But somewhere along the line, some guys take the whole game of being chivalrous and experiencing the womanliness inside a man to a whole new level. Watching a mushy movie with a guy and crying on his manly shoulder is a great way for a girl to spend Sunday afternoon, but sharing tissues to wipe each other’s tears? Same goes with guys who ask if a girl’s having a nice time a hundred times on a date.You can tell me, I won’t mind…” Unless you want your date to claw her nails into the leather of her seat or crawl her toes in awkward cringing desperation, avoid being a dumb guy.#7 Fidgety and touchy guys Movies always portray an exaggerated version of the touchy feely guy.If you see her eyes light up and her gestures getting animated, you’ve hit the conversation jackpot, baby![Read: What to talk about on a date] #6 Dumb guys Are you a dumb guy? But many guys are really dumb without realizing it.If you’re an insecure guy, it’s time to change your behavior. [Read: How to be a better man] #2 Oversensitive guys All our lives, we’ve been taught to be nice and chivalrous.

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