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CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION NONTRANSFERABLE; APPLICATION BY NEW OWNER. (a) A health spa operator's certificate of registration expires on the first anniversary of the date of issuance.(b) A certificate of registration may be renewed as provided by the secretary of state.

The seller of the goods must notify you within ten days whether he or she intends to retrieve the goods or abandon them.

He or she may not require you to mail or ship the goods back.

Such locations may be the consumer's residence and places rented on a temporary or short-term basis, such as hotel rooms or convention centers.

A "home solicitation transaction" takes place whenever a consumer purchases goods or services for more than $25 payable in cash or installments at a place other than the seller's place of business.

The seller must restore your property to its original condition if any "improvements" were made to it and you want it restored.

(a) The purpose of this chapter is to protect the public against fraud, deceit, imposition, and financial hardship and to foster and encourage competition, fair dealing, and prosperity in the field of health spa operations and services by prohibiting or restricting injurious practices involving:(1) health spa contracts; and(2) the marketing of health spa services.(b) This chapter shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its purpose and to provide efficient and economical procedures to protect the public.

The security filed or posted by a certificate holder under this subchapter must be payable to the state and held for the benefit of:(1) the state; and(2) each member of the certificate holder's health spa who has been administratively adjudicated to have suffered actual financial loss as a result of the closing of the certificate holder's health spa.

A certificate holder shall maintain the security filed or posted under Section 702.151 in effect until the earlier of:(1) the second anniversary of the date the certificate holder's health spa closes; or(2) the date the secretary of state determines that each claim filed against the security has been satisfied or foreclosed by law.

The amount may not be less than ,000 or more than ,000.

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