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People's conceptions of what I am - in a way that's their problem and not mine." Bush: "[I] feel strongly about what I want [in my work and] how I want to see it presented.

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Kennedy Onassis: "I always live in a dream world." Onassis: "I never ... I thought, 'I want to live my life, not record it.'" Evelyn Lincoln: "[Her] voice was a wedding of innocence and steel." Hillary Clinton: "Unpretentious elegance characterized everything she did." [Hillary Clinton: "Should I turn myself over to a stylist? Concentrate instead on what's important to you." Ulysses S. King: "[Hanh's] goal was peace and reconciliation, not one side winning over the other." Nero Emperor of Rome [Last words:]Nero: "Qualis artifex pereo! ) Juergen Malitz: "Augustus and Caesar had learned to feign interest in the theater and the circus. Nero did not need to feign interest." Edward Gibbon: "Nero excelled ... I don't put much trust in words." Pitt: "My frustration with acting is that I can't do quite what music does.

You'll end up wearing someone else's idea of who you are and how you should look. President (R) and Civil War general Grant: "[I did not rejoice] at the downfall of [the South] who had fought so long and valiantly, and had suffered so much for a cause, though that cause was, I believe, one of the worst for which a people ever fought. [their] sincerity." Henry Ward Beecher: "Abhorring show, [Grant was] simple in manner, gentle in his intercourse, modest and even diffident in regard to his own personality." Steven J. were able to understand the suffering of both sides. That is why we did not take a side even though the whole world took sides." Hanh: "[During the war] we [young buddhists] tried to tell people our perception of the situation. We wanted to stop the fighting, but the bombs were so loud." Sallie B. But once I get up [on stage], I take control of myself. There's nothing like it." Jackson: "I'm crazy about Steven Spielberg." Jackson: "[Diana] was my type for sure, and I don't like most girls." Elton John: "He is a very kind person." Sufjan Stevens: "He had real vision for [his] show. I'm trying to make a photograph out of something you can never see." Ocean: "My aim is to make something that represents where I am at that time." Ocean: "It's pretty rad to hear Beyonce sing a song of yours or to hear [Jay-Z] rhyme over and be on a song that you're on." Brad Pitt Actor, married to Angelina Jolie, was married to Jennifer Aniston, dated Gwyneth Paltrow Pitt: "I have a hard time with morals. What's more important to me is being honest about who you are." Pitt: "I trust actions.

preferred simply to go his own way rather than be a leader." Jonathan Ive Lead designer at Apple Ive: "I think we are surrounded by multiple, multiple products that testify to companies who don't really care." Ive: "I'm constantly haunted by thoughts of, 'Is it good enough? '" Robert Brunner: "He is a consummate designer on all levels, especially around form, detail, materials and refinement." Leander Kahney: "He's the nicest, politest guy you ever met and very softly spoken." Clive Grinyer: "He hasn't got where he is because of his ego." Neil Smith: "He is incredibly self-effacing." [Steve Jobs' wife]: "Most people in Steve's life are replaceable. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image." Rudolf Hess Deputy Fuehrer in Nazi Germany Hess: "The conscience of a moral personality is a far greater protection against the misuse of an office than is the supervision of parliament or the separation of powers." Hess: "Being true ... They'd be working through something, and he would explain ... That was really educational." Prince Singer-songwriter, dated Madonna Prince: "You gotta live life before you can really talk too much about it." Prince: "I don't live in a prison. I haven't built any walls around myself." Prince: "[I want to be able to] walk around and be me. have to rely on music to get peace of mind, satisfaction, or direction. As far as any significance, I just like it because it looked good in print." Justin Timberlake Singer and actor, dated Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz Timberlake: "Every relationship I've been in, I've overwhelmed the girl.

We, as a result, feel that Tacitus is biased." Leni Riefenstahl Nazi filmmaker Riefenstahl: "I was a dreamy child." Riefenstahl: "As long as I live, I will say yes to life." Riefenstahl: "I naturally prefer and capture the beauty in life." Riefenstahl: "Reality doesn't interest me." Riefenstahl: "I [seek] a style in the realm of legend. There is no final judgment on one or the other." Jimi Hendrix Singer-songwriter Hendrix: "People ... When I did 'Downward Spiral' that is where I was for that. what [people] are expecting from me." [Interviewer: "What is the significance of the name 'Nine Inch Nails? Two weeks later I still liked it, so we just went with it.

I enjoy it, it makes people happy, and it makes me happy." Travolta: "I'm a big mush ball, which is just part of my personality." Zac Efron Actor, dated Vanessa Hudgens Efron: "I'll never try to put on a fake image.

I'm just Zac." Efron: "I don't judge anyone and I never have." Efron: "Every day is a new experience and I take it as it comes." Efron: "[Nicole Kidman] is fun to work with. [When we were acting together] we went with the moment." David Beckham Soccer player, married to Victoria Beckham Beckham: "I love football. I think that's where I feel safest, actually, believe it or not." Beckham: "I'm a big fan of tattos.

" Mick Jagger: "Paul is very nice and easy to get on with - didn't have [John Lennon's] acerbic side." Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) Jagger: "In the beginning Brian ran the band. have to [rely on] an earthier substance, like music or the arts." Hendrix: "I just want to do what I feel." Hendrix: "I like [music] that is easier on the mind. There, in the chords and melodies, is everything I want to say.

has been getting too heavy, almost to the state of unbearable." [Upon hearing Hendrix on the guitar:] Eric Clapton: "[No one] told me he was that fucking good." U. Army Report: "[He] is unable to conform to military rules and regulations." Kate Bush Singer-songwriter Bush: "I really like the idea of my work speaking for me, not me speaking for me." Bush: "People's preconceptions [of me] don't concern me. It is an expression of me at some point, and it seems wrong that as soon as it goes out into the world it should leave me and my expression behind." David Bowie Singer-songwriter Bowie: "My music [expresses how I feel] for me.

My buildings should adapt to their surroundings, not impose themselves on the world." Utzon: "[My architecture] is treating space like music." Mogens Prip-Buus: "One day, Utzon came into the office pretending to be Frank Lloyd Wright." Thich Nhat Hanh Thien Buddhist master [When asked how do to walking meditation:] Hanh: "Just pretend that you are the happiest person in the world." Hanh: "During the [Vietnam] war we young Buddhists ... He was too sensitive, too receptive." Ernst Hanfstaengl: "Hess was a moody introvert." Michael Jackson Singer-songwriter Jackson: "I am [normally] shy. Michael Jackson's an icon." [On making hit music:] Timberlake: "My biggest challenge was to make sure that the songs I did were who I am." Frank Ocean Singer-songwriter Ocean: "When I'm trying to make a song ...

But not Jony." Joern Utzon Architect of the Sydney Opera House Utzon: "The most important thing to me is humility. means being modest and unassuming." Albert Speer: "Hess did not have the qualities necessary for survival in the midst of a swamp of intrigues and struggles for power. That's all I want to be, that's all I ever tried to be." Mick Jagger: "I think Prince is a great artist. They just can't handle all the love." [On being compared with Michael Jackson:] Timberlake: "I feel very fortunate to be compared to somebody so incredible.

She sees the world a certain way, and you don't want the world to let her down." Pamela Anderson Actress Anderson: "Tattoos are like stories - they're symbolic of the important moments in your life.

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