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The lyrics of "Fifteen" have Swift narrating about multiple events.

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Afterward, White and a team of visual effect artists created the setting.

"If you watch just the offline edit of this video, it's just green.

White explained, "Well, I think I really wanted this video to kind of be an evolution for Taylor [...] I actually said to her, 'I don't think we should shoot in a high school.' And I don't think she wanted to either." "Let's take the literal meaning of this song and watch it evolve in front of us ... And create this world, somewhere you walk in on this desolate desert and you start to sing about all these great memories you have...

of everything you love blooming around you, and so we literally grew this garden around her", White said.

After the completion of composing "Fifteen", Swift became very nervous to show Anderson the song, for she did not know how her friend would respond.

"It was a really personal song, especially from her angle of it." However, when Swift performed the song for Anderson and asked whether she was comfortable with the song, Anderson confirmed: "She said, 'Does it bother you that your name is in a song that's so personal?"Fifteen" is a country pop song performed by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.Swift self-penned the song and co-produced it along with Nathan Chapman.He continued, "Her music mixes an almost impersonal professionalism — it's so rigorously crafted it sounds like it has been scientifically engineered in a hit factory — with confessions that are squirmingly intimate and true." Alexis Petridis of The Guardian called the track a fantastically good song that broadened "her potential market from teenage girls to anyone who used to be a teenage girl".Petridis continued, "You applaud her skill, while feeling slightly unsettled by the thought of a teenager pontificating away like Yoda." The single became her second single that did not reach the top three of Billboard Hot Country Songs since her debut single "Tim Mc Graw".He intertwined Swift's emotions with the growth of the garden.

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