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Both Briana and Shannon were beyond description gorgeous (as all three were! While we did at times socialize with Shannon, I only had a brief introduction to Briana.

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Bree 4 -Wife’s Accidental Encounter With The Donkey 5. Bree 8 – The Reunion (a stand alone story but references people in Bree 1 – 6) As a reminder, you are encouraged to read these stories in succession so you will gain an understanding of how these events began and unfolded over time.

Bree 7 – Shannon’s Encounter with Jake The Donkey 8.

She kept her pussy area waxed and shaved with just a small narrow stripe above her pussy.

Kate also had a large pronounced clitoris with an almost non-existent clitoral hood.

She also had a ripped abdomen and a small tight curvaceous muscular ass from all her high school and college cheerleading, exercise routines, as well as years of dance instruction.

Kate alternated her days running six miles and lifting weights for 11/2 hours, not to mention the number of crunches she cranked out twice a day - it would have made a military drill sergeant tremble!

As I started dating and various girlfriends happened to come out to the ranch during the stud breeding activity or semen sales collection, they made all kinds of comments ranging from downright derogatory to intriguing.

Quite a few of them just remained silent and focused on the activities.

UT Austin was too big a university, too many students in a class and also being in a large city with huge traffic problems I went to Texas State.

I was soon recruited to be a photographer for various university publications like the newspaper – The University Star and the campus magazine – Hillviews.

I think Adolph did more than just did oral with Anne, that was the only thing that could account for the bed moving as I fell asleep, and Anne yanking the sheets off first thing the next morning when we awoke, practically rolling me out of bed.

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