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Even more arcade games are on the way, so watch this space! C O M appears in the February issue Ascii Magazine (published in Japan).

Ascii magazine is a popular Japanese publication that convers technology, computers and the internet.

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This has apparantly been causing problems for some users for a few weeks now, and eventually caused our whole site to go offline for a few days.

We apologize for these problems, and thank you for your patience.

August 1999 This site has had over one million visitors in just under 6 months!

March 1999 The site formerly known as Ben's Java Arcade is re-opened as J @ V A G A M E P L A Y .

Additionally, we have been busy over the past few months developing a new cutting edge first-person shooter engine (as seen in pictures above and on previous page), and we will be releasing our first game(s) using this technology within the next couple of weeks (mid June 2003).

August 2001 We have opened up Arcade Games Room#3 and added two new action games, 'Swarm' and 'Heavy Cannon'.

No downloads or plug-ins are required, these games can be played right inside your web browser for free!

Please use the navigation bar at the top to explore the site.

To quote a small part of the arcticle - "For fast loading thrills, zoom to Ben Librojo's compact trove of arcade classics".

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