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Sx S PRO cards of up to 64GB in capacity can be used.

For 64GB cards, the camera will require software version 1.15 or greater installed from Sony's website.

Stored XSS is particularly dangerous in application areas where users with high privileges have access.

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While retaining everything that was right about the previous camera, Sony has listened to its professional users and taken several steps forward, not only improving ergonomics and convenience, but bringing a whole new set of features to the world's only full HD compact camcorder.

Like its predecessor, the PMW-EX1R's core is its three 1/2"-type CMOS sensors and 14x Fujinon zoom lens.

Stored XSS occurs when a web application gathers input from a user which might be malicious, and then stores that input in a data store for later use.

The input that is stored is not correctly filtered.

This vulnerability can be used to conduct a number of browser-based attacks including: Stored XSS does not need a malicious link to be exploited.

A successful exploitation occurs when a user visits a page with a stored XSS.Web applications that allow users to store data are potentially exposed to this type of attack.This chapter illustrates examples of stored cross site scripting injection and related exploitation scenarios.At this stage, it is fundamental to understand if input is stored and how it is positioned in the context of the page.Differently from reflected XSS, the pen-tester should also investigate any out-of-band channels through which the application receives and stores users input.The following phases relate to a typical stored XSS attack scenario: This type of attack can also be exploited with browser exploitation frameworks such as Be EF, XSS Proxy and Backframe.

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