Steam mac validating files

I left it for an hour and it was still there (no disk activity). I tried moving the "itembuilds" folder to my desktop and then validate but still 0%.

Thanks Radio, i fixed sometime ago the problem with Medusa .txt, but i still cant validate : T I didnt know i could copy the text part from D2RIC Export Tab gonna try this later.

Edit: I was wondering, Radio, if you know where i can find the "itembuilds" files that we save in-game, like those personalized in-game item build we make.

What happens is that it checks the games has all the proper files (sometimes if you want to mess with maps and stuff might accidentally delete some stuff so it adds all the right files!

) This happened when i was trying to make portal 2 and Stanley pabs together and i deleted some files accidentally.

If I ever have a problem with a game on steam this always the first thing i do.

Yes and that worked, but I had to delete it first to get the install option.

I wonder if the fact that it was completely missing prevented it from redownloading. It compares the game files you have on installed your computer with those of of the latest version on the steam servers.

If its different in any way it replaces or adds on any files.

If you encounter this issue more than once in a row, this failure to verify is intended by the developers of the game.

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