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It was June 2004 and a little-known band from Leeds played only their fifth ever gig in Newquay at the bottom of an indie bill which also featured The Ordinary Boys and Dogs Die In Hot Cars.

There is nothing more special for a music fan than to say "I was there" and this was one of those moments.

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The concert, in September this year, was one of the most thrilling I've seen in 30 years of gig-going in Cornwall.

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There’s an especially harrowing scene in Asif Kapadia’s new Amy Winehouse documentary where the singer skips onstage to greet a booing audience in Belgrade, Serbia.

“The irony is, when it’s someone like Amy, your records will carry on selling, people will carry on writing about you and, in a weird way, [not performing] makes your value in the long run much higher.”That Winehouse continued on in such a state speaks volumes about the pressures inherent in pursuing a career as a musician, whatever your apparent level of success – pressures that are rarely discussed, but which the film Amy brings into focus.

Newspapers like nothing better than to zone in on our pop stars’ frailties, from close-up shots of the remnants of a cocaine hit in Pete Doherty’s nostril to headlines trumpeting Susan Boyle’s emotional breakdown. In some respects, the pressures placed on artists are only intensifying: in the four years since Winehouse’s death, sales from recorded music have been slowly dwindling, as the music consumer moves from parting with £10 for an album, to streaming it for free, meaning artists, labels and publishers receive a fraction of the royalties they once did.

A personal highlight as it was my constant badgering of Cornish promoters SW1 Productions to book the Canadian troubadour that led to this spellbinding concert on April 5, 2005, which ended with the whole band disrobed and Rufus wearing a tiara and sash bearing the legend "Miss Truro". And, yes, he lost interest when he found out I was married. Legendary for all the wrong reasons, this concert in July 2007 was a car crash as the troubled singer edged ever closer to, with hindsight, the inevitable.

In between were remarkable renditions of songs from the Poses, Want One and Want Two albums as well as a certain track called Hallelujah which would take on a life of its own in years to come. Smashing herself in the face with the microphone, swearing, slurring her words, arriving on stage late, walking off before the end, it will go down in history as a sorry and sad performance. Yet it didn't seem a portent of what was to come – why did everyone around her let it get to this?

Despite the obvious internal strife (the Gallaghers didn't acknowledge each other at all), the band were on fire – Liam got us all to shout "get off moi laaand" in our best Cornish accents while Noel was his usual dry self. Proof you don't have to be a massive name to put on a classic gig in Cornwall, though it helps if you have a massive singer.

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