Updating machine config

If your application uses assemblies not provided by the runtime, you may place them all in the same directory so that Mono may find them.

updating machine config-18

It also ensures that there will be no naming conflicts with shared assembly names.

To generate a key pair we use the tool: Once you have given an assembly a proper shared name with a version and public key it can be installed into the GAC. See the what should be installed to the GAC section to help you decide whether your assembly should be installed into the GAC.

If you don’t want to specify a build and revision number you can use a wild card and the compiler will automatically generate one for you.

Examples The assembly public key token is a short representation of the public key compiled in the assembly.

All assemblies have a culture associated with them.

If you do not specify a culture the invariant (neutral) culture is associated with your assembly.

At run time, Mono looks in three places for assemblies necessary to run a program.

It first searches the location of the executing assembly.

A binary blob inside an assembly that can be verified as the digital signature of the assembly (i.e. Because the the public key (inside the assembly) is part of the signature it is not possible to modify the assembly contents without detection (providing integrity).

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