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Furthermore: travelling - as a mind-game and real globetrotting, and books, movies, photography...

Furthermore: travelling - as a mind-game and real globetrotting, and books, movies, photography... Karl is Third Millenium Thomas Dolby, some Bjork and, at a distance, some King Crimson with Greg Lake...

must understand if "audio" is better than "arcto"...

yeahhhh, I love being surrounded, graved under tons, hundreds Teddy Bears of any size and material;-)))... plainly said, an HUGE, amused, proud, yet humble & ironic "nothing"... feel quite nicely and "a mio agio" in that "family of individualists"... GOTOphile;-) I like it: feel MUCH better being a Gotophile, than a...

The IMDb plot summary simply stated "Two friends bring along a newcomer to go on a killing spree.", which was vague enough to allow me to believe that Mordum was possibly going follow the homicidal escapades of intelligent, Ted Bundy style serial killers, and my god, I could not have been more wrong.

Instead we have Crusty, her brother/occasional lover Maggot, and the lead idiot (played by mastermind of this train-wreck Fred Vogel) whose name I can't even remember, probably due to it not being as ridiculous as the other two.

To give you an example of just what these people are like, there's a now infamous scene where Crusty spends several minutes vomiting all over a kidnapped lesbian couple while the other two idiots fondle themselves with their hands down their pants to the whole spectacle. There's no plot here, and there doesn't need to be, since this is made with the sole intention of appearing as an actual snuff film, but it is so unconvincing in that regard that the whole point of the movie is nullified.

There's a disembowelment scene where the victim's shirt is lacerated along the front so that the most inhuman looking intestines I've ever seen in a movie can be pulled out.

This is Stefano Bertoncello's Blog (ステファノ・ベルトンチェッロ - トゥーグッドイアーズ − ブロガー、オーディオ&ミュージック・コンサルタント) devoted to pacific topics like Music - live and reproduced - i.e. I love his solid-aluminium "thick" Garrard 301's chassis... just ordered one for my 301 in silver slate plinth!

discs, audio, guitars - both vintage and new, concerts, workshops, and related stuffs. and to anything makes Life better and Earth a better place to stay, enjoying Life, in Peace. Bravo to Ray and to Shaun, as well for the beautiful, elegant and cool double-decker plinths.

“It’s been incredible to learn that being naked is just fun!

" Pacheco-Fores told the Daily Herald in September 2012.

All three are borderline retarded, and they all look as though you could smell them from 100 feet away.

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