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You can visit the restaurant’s official website here.Steven Culp portrays the role of Rex Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives.

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Dennis heads over to his old fraternity to recruit another player, but the new generation of frat boys disrespects him and tases him.

Mac and Charlie decide to head over to the frat to try and recruit a player and find themselves in the middle of a body painting party.

After coming out of the closet to his ex-wife, son and family, Butch left his small mid-western city for more "tolerant" Los Angeles.

In the seventh series of this crime drama, Stabler (Christopher Meloni) tries to adjust to being separated from his wife, as well as deal with a difficult situation with his old partner (Noah Emmerich), so he seeks counseling from Dr.

Steven Culp was born in La Jolla, California on December 3, 1955.

He graduated from First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 1974.

The restaurant’s wood-paneled mahogany bar area, where the Grim Cheaper and I ate, definitely evokes a feeling of Old Hollywood, especially with the Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra music that plays in the background. The staff also could NOT have been friendlier and answered all of my silly little questions about the filming that has taken place there over the years. And even though the restaurant is a bit pricey, the Grim Cheaper thoroughly enjoyed himself and said he can’t wait to go back!

That in and of itself is a testament to how good the place is. In the Season 2 episode titled “Remember (1)”, the restaurant’s bar area was where Gabrielle Solis (aka Eva Longoria Parker) discovered (wrongly) via a newscast that her husband Carlos (aka Ricardo Chavira) had died in a car accident.

It is there that Michael decides that Helene, at age 58, is far too old for him and promptly breaks up with her . But in actuality only the exterior of the Bistro Garden was featured in the “Laying Pipe” episode.

As you can see in the above screen captures, the interior filming took place elsewhere.

The restaurant was also featured in an episode of , but because I didn’t really watch that show, I am unsure of exactly which episode.

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