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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.This is the preferred method of redirecting for most pages or websites.See also: Generally, as it relates to SEO, it is typically best to avoid using 302 redirects.

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Most of Google's ads are keyword targeted and sold on a cost per click basis in an auction which factors in ad clickthrough rate as well as max bid.

Google is looking into expanding their ad network to include video ads, demographic targeting, affiliate ads, radio ads, and traditional print ads. One could write a 300 page book just covering Ad Words.

If you are going to move an entire site to a new location you may want to test moving a file or folder first, and then if that ranks well you may want to proceed with moving the entire site.

Depending on your site authority and crawl frequency it may take anywhere from a few days to a month or so for the 301 redirect to be picked up.

Due to poor processing of 302 redirects some search engines have allowed competing businesses to hijack the listings of competitors.

See also: Some content management systems send 404 status codes when documents do exist.Rather than doing that here I thought it would be useful to link to many relevant resources.See also: Affiliate marketing programs allows merchants to expand their market reach and mindshare by paying independent agents on a cost per action (CPA) basis.Ensure files that exist do give a 200 status code and requests for files that do not exist give a 404 status code.You may also want to check with your host to see if you can set up a custom 404 error page which makes it easy for site visitors to Search engines request a file to see what portions of your site they are allowed to crawl.Feedback Why 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other Glossaries All of the definitions on this page are an internal anchor that link to themselves, thus if you wanted to link at the Page Rank definition on this page you would scroll down to Page Rank and click on it.

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