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Even if you seemed to click with the other person, the reality is, you just didn’t click enough.And if they felt insufficient compatibility, you would likely have felt it yourself at some point as well.

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Allow yourself to cry into a pillow or shout at the TV, but put a limit on it and don’t allow yourself to get absorbed. Giving up after a rejection is the worst thing you can do.

That feeling (that replicates physical pain) will stay there and your apprehension of trying again will grow and grow until you have scared yourself out of jumping on the horse again.

Anyone who enters the dating world is bound to encounter rejection.

Whether your online messages to dating prospects go unanswered, you have a great first date but never hear from the person again, or you get dumped after things were just starting to heat up, all rejections have one thing in common — they really hurt.

What makes rejection even more painful is that any effort to understand what went wrong can easily lead to bouts of self-criticism and self-blaming.

Did they reject you because you’re not tall enough, smart enough, attractive enough, rich enough, educated enough, or hip enough? Then you start to second guess everything you did and said.And if they give you the, “It’s not you, it’s me,” speech — believe them.In fact, even if they don’t, assume it’s them nonetheless.Below I’ve outlined 5 facts about rejection that you might not have known and also 5 things you can do to get yourself back on track.Numerous studies have shown us that the same parts of the brain are stimulated by rejection as well as by physical pain which is why emotional rejection can affect people in a huge way.Don’t allow the fear of rejection stop you in dating or in life – see failure as a learning curve and part of life.

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