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Hunger is a dark exploration into the breakdown of humanity.How far would you go to survive in the most extreme of circumstances?Phil comes from a film background and realized that it was more reasonable to pair with only one other person to make his comics rather than the massive team and financing it takes to make a film.

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Philip found the historical figure RASPUTIN to be fascinating from a young age talking to his grandmother.

Like many comic book artists, Tyler got the bite at a young age.

We enjoy a lively discussion about how ill-informed the populous is on history taking for example all the Twitter feeds by users who didn’t know that the Titanic sinking was real.

He feels the same about zombies which coming from a huge DAWN OF THE DEAD fan, pained him to reveal.

He used economical panel descriptions and focused more on the dialog.

Why not go with commercially successful superheroes?

The visitor they invite into their home, although he turns out to be their downfall, is exactly what they are looking for, someone to just talk to.

Each of the members of the house in turn try to talk with this newcomer, and each time a little more of the story unfolds.

The commercial market is saturated by original and reinvented zombie stories.

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