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What you’re getting: The Daffy The Daffy is the Pretty Woman of burgers.

2941 Restaurant took the humble, eager-to-please American staple and dressed it up in REAL fancy clothes so it could hang out on a bar menu that also boasts tuna tartare, sea scallop ceviche, veal carpaccio and the like.

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What you’re getting: The Executive This Wolf of Wall Street between bread has layers upon layers of big money flavor.

A Timbercreek beef patty forms the base of a pyramid containing foie gras, Nueske’s bacon, black onion, a fried farm egg, and garlic aioli on truffled brioche. Maybe you’ll like it so much that you’ll ask to borrow their bun branding iron after a few craft beers.

What you’re getting: The Miss Thing or The Nanny Grass-fed geeks will dig the burgs at 80/20 Burger Bar, because they pound out patties made from Virginia beef that only ate the green stuff.

You're ordering The Miss Thing if you’re only somewhat adventurous when it comes to burgers, because it comes with pimento cheese spread, braised pork belly and fried onions. A patty made from New Zealand beef wears a fried egg, uncured bacon, American cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, mayo, and a swirl of hot sauce and green chile sauce.

Celebrate being civilized, and also the fact that you get to contribute 25 cents to your charity of choice because you bought a burger at Holy Cow.

What you’re getting: Zombie Burger This pile of food is a Project-X-level party on a plate.

Tack on some fries to your order: they come with your choice of 18 different dipping sauces.

What you’re getting: Funnel Cake Burger This dish can divide a crowd into those who grew up going to state fairs and those who have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Embrace this notion at Bistro by trying the Funnel Cake Burger.

But enough jibber jabber, there are 20 amazing Commonwealth burgers just waiting for you to eat them! What you’re getting: Cheesy Western You only have one decision to make at Texas Tavern: Cheesy or Cheesy with.

The latter means your Cheesy Western will come with onions in addition to the standard fried egg, melted cheese, pickles and sweet relish.

Just don’t end the meal with that “guess your weight” game.

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