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The Jo-Kerr is making his way up in the Gothard City crime league thanks to a little help from Katwoman and Poison Ivey by unleashing a tempting form of laugh gas.Only the Bat, Robina and Batchick stand in his way.It has been superseded by the collected Housman page and that's probably where you want to be.

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Just because it's porn doesn't mean that it should get away with being half-assed when it's a matter of a high-budget parody.

I have seen people on YOUTUBE who have done much better impersonations of the Joker.

The stars are delicious, Nick Manning as Batman is a genius move and the costumes and sets are great.

had a successful release in India, she is branching out in the "Land of the Brave" promoting the movie.

She completed her look with an "I'm barely making any effort" ponytail, a divine red (or some would say burgundy) smokey eye and some equally divine red crystal dangler earrings (from Lisa Eisner).

is the second release from that creative pairing, and it's already clocked a 76 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In other words: Shyamalan is back and he seems to have found the perfect producing partner in Blumhouse.

They would have been better off using a stunt double for the sex scenes rather then using this guy - No matter how cheesy that looks.

Might I add that he is the producer and driving force behind this movie, which to me only shows that he is more interested in fulfilling his own fantasy then trying to make a movie that is actually good.

There are some questions I won't answer: don't waste your time asking them.

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