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It seemed like I knew a million amazing single women, but the single men I knew were few and far between.Recently, I found myself with an opportunity to move to Honolulu. With the polar vortex looming in front of me, I packed my sundresses in a backpack, and found a reasonable flight out of Newark.

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When it comes to online dating it’s simply an easy way to get a feel for what a person is like, before you step it up and call them.

For many people who value their privacy using a secure chat room (and Uniform Dating’s chat rooms are secure) is a great starting point for connecting with someone; you don’t have to give out phone numbers, or social media information.

If you are at work having a coffee break, it’s also easy to log in to a chat room and say a few words to someone.

Words you don’t necessarily want your co-workers to hear (or worse: if you’re a doctor, nurse, or dentist - your patients! Likewise if you’re at home cooking, or doing some chores, it’s easy to go back and forth to the laptop.

Please don't waste ur energy...ur not authentic and know ur …

A women who is confident in themselves and knows who they are in this world we call life.

And contrary to common belief first impressions don’t last. Dating in Honolulu can be both crazy romantic and crazy wild - there are plenty of dates to go on that include both - but save this for the second or third date!

In fact, most long term relationships were not love at first sight. So all you single men and women in Honolulu, we’ve concluded that the best place for a first date is somewhere chilled like a bar or coffee shop, but where exactly?

As soon as I got off the plane, I was transported to a different world: a gentle warm breeze in the middle of December and ukulele music tinkling softly in the background.

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