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Babur justifies this massacre by saying, "the Bajauris were rebels and at enmity with the people of Islam, and as, by heathenish and hostile customs prevailing in their midst, the very name of Islam was rooted out...". On the walls, in houses, streets and alleys, the dead lay, in what numbers! During the Soviet invasion in the 1980s, the area was a critical staging ground for Afghan and local mujahideen to organise and conduct raids.

As the Bajauris were rebels and inimical to the people of Islam, the men were subjected to a general massacre and their wives and children were made captive. It still hosts a large population of Afghan refugees sympathetic to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a mujahideen leader ideologically close to the Arab militants.

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The Utman Khel are at the southeast of Bajaur, while Mamund are at the southwest, and the Tarkani are at the north of Bajaur.

Its border with Afghanistan's Kunar province makes it of strategic importance to Pakistan and the region.

There are many unconfirmed reports that the October attack was also carried out by the United States or NATO forces, but was claimed by Islamabad over fears of widespread protest similar to those after the US bombing in January 2006.

Liaqat was a senior leader of the pro-Taliban movement Tanzim Nifaz Shariat Mohammadi (TNSM), that spearheaded a violent Islamic movement in Bajaur and the neighbouring Malakand areas in 1994.

The Koh-i-Mor has been identified as the Meros of Arrian's history—the three-peaked mountain from which the god issued.

The area was the site of the ancient Scythian kingdom of Apraca from the 1st century BCE to the 1st century CE, and a stronghold of the Aspasioi, a western branch of the Ashvakas (q.v) of the Sanskrit texts who had earlier offered stubborn resistance to the Macedonian invader Alexander the Great in 326 BCE.Today, the United States believes militants based in Bajaur launch frequent attacks on American and Afghan troops in Afghanistan.There have been some unconfirmed media reports about the possibility of Osama bin Laden finding refuge in the area.To the south of Bajour is the wild mountain district of the Mohmands.To the east, beyond the Panjkora river, are the hills of Swat, dominated by another Pashtun group.Jandol, one of the northern valleys of Bajour, has ceased to be of political importance since the 19th century, when a previous chief, Umra Khan, failed to appropriate himself Bajour, Dir, and a great part of the Kunar valley.

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