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Hes always been tiny and suffered bad with still in 9-12 months.

Yeah his cardiologist said they would do all these tests due to his heart problems.


She stated he would be called in soon to have his growth hormone checked and while they were there they would do a full chromosome check,thyroid and pituitary glad its all being done but just said babies should grow at least an extra 25 cm from birth length to 12 months,and hes only grown 26cm since birth.anyone had experience of this.

Sorry for long worrying xxxx Obviously girls growth charts slightly differ to boys, but my little girl is only 76cm at 19.5 months.

She then stated she was concerned with his height as he was only 76.6 cm at 19.5 months and wasnt on any of the centiles he was below the last centile.

The cardiologists didnt think they would went to see cardiologist on wednesday and the echocardiogram showed that both holes were starting to get were over the moon.

I'm sure this isn't the case at all but some generic conditions present with cardiac issues so am Sure they just want to rule everything out.

Try not to be too concerned as I say my little dude is smaller and they aren't overly worried- what is his weight like?

The position and size of lockers will change depending on the model.

If I can figure out what one model would look like using CSS, I can work it out to make it dynamic. Medium is 2 times small, large is 4 times small and Kiosk is 6 times small locker size. Edit 2: The image below shows what I need to display (one variation).

I checked some of the posts here regarding conversion from html table to css but can't find what I am looking and hoping for some help. Now I have to deal with dynamic configurations and tables are just a pain, so I am trying to convert it to CSS.

I am using a table as a graphical presentation of some lockers that have different sizes. I am running into some problems when cell spans multiple rows and not sure how to set up the CSS.

I think hes little because of the problems he has had with his heart and because myself and oh aren't that big xx Lil C is only 78.5cm at 19 months old. Thanks rza77 My lb was average weight and length at birth and was putting on weight really well till his heart started to fail at 2weeks old.thats when they found the murmur the holes and also has had terrible reflux and threw up reflux has only just stopped in the ladt 2 months.i think all this hasnt helped with his weight and length.

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