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Although many Lao can be open and progressive, there is that conservative side (as mentioned earlier) where many Lao try to encourage other Lao to date their own.

For those in Laos, it’s even more conservative relationship-wise.

While on the date, if you’re not in Laos, then no heavy displays of physical affection in public but just a bit is ok and definitely none of that in front of the parents or other family members.

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Moreover, they may not be fluent in a particular language other than Lao and therefore hesitate more to speak.

But it doesn’t mean they’re not interested in you and your relationship with their child.

And if they show interest in what you’re reading, offer to share the book. – It shows you have an interest or at the very least are open to the idea of learning a bit of the language.

Learning a new language shows intelligence and not everyone can do it well, especially when it comes to learning an Asian one. Smart is sexy...;) – If you’re serious about learning Lao culture on behalf of your Lao date, the internet is an incredible resource as there are tons of stuff on Lao language, food, and culture.

It doesn't matter if you're a Lao couple, an inter-racial couple, straight, gay, etc. It's simply considered culturally inappropriate to do otherwise.

This is an important key: Lao people are not quite like Thais where Thais may be more open in terms of sex and relationships and in some cases they openly encourage their own people to date or marry others who are non-Thai (I hope I haven’t offended anyone but this is something I've observed).Also if the parents are not fluent in English, or whichever language you speak, do not take their quietness as a sign that they don’t want to talk to you.They may simply be shy or nervous about meeting you as well.How to impress your Lao date, boyfriend or girlfriend?So you're dating a Lao person (be it a girl, guy, tranny or what have you – we’re not judging here!Additionally, expatriate Lao men who go back to Laos in search for a wife are accepted and it seems to happen more often than you would think.

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