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We will continue to look into this to determine if it is true or just a rumor/hoax.Facebook users commenting upon the 20 June 2015 post by the City of Denton Police Department linked to an article about human trafficking raids in Denton.

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Following Charlie Sheen's revelation he's HIV positive, keyboard warriors were quick to slut shame him.

His case isn't isolated: women (of fame or not) are routinely scrutinized and so are girls of all ages all over the land. But studies have also shown girls are more likely to lose friends than boys after becoming sexually active. But repeatedly it is women attacking other women for being too sexual, not being feminist enough, sexualizing themselves, empowering themselves in the "wrong way" and wearing clothes that are too tacky.

We are taught by almost everything around us that in order to be worth anything, we must be attractive, sexy and desirable.

Ironically, if a woman is these three things, she becomes a target of society's own aims.

Police in turn pointed out that that news was nearly a year old: Moreover, the referenced article linked described a police crackdown on a Denton County human trafficking operation that did not involve abductions of victims from department store restrooms, the use of heroin to drug unwitting teen shoppers, the intervention of a potential victim’s mother, the use of fellow teen girls as recruiting agents, or a situation that was halted before anyone was harmed.

A separate article about the 2014 operation reported several arrests but made no mention of young girls being employed as operatives of a sex trafficking-related abduction ring.

For this reason, there is widespread poverty in the city center and in the peripheral areas.

If you fly into Lima, the first thing you see upon leaving the airport is these types of poor neighborhoods between the airport and Lima's historic center.

The post’s claim of kidnappers working on behalf of sex traffickers echoed a rash of similar messages recently spread by social media users: In late May 2015, a Facebook user made a similar claim about a brush with abductors in an Oklahoma Hobby Lobby store; in early June, Twitter was carried away by warnings of human traffickers targeting college kids on summer break through job interviews; and late June saw yet another outbreak of the venerable theme park abduction urban legend.

Like the breathless tales of sex trafficking tricks that immediately preceded it, the warning about the incident in a Denton Dillard’s bore elements of a classic urban legend: it happened to a friend of a friend, at an indeterminate time, and included no details tying the claim to verifiable documentation (such as a news article or police report).

Slutty pop stars – and by slutty, I mean in touch with their sexuality – get so much stick now.

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