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It seems everyone in the city has had some maid misadventure. I had to wade into the bathroom where a broken tap was spraying a geyser to the ceiling, listening to her insist that ‘she’ didn’t break it, ‘it’ broke.

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reportedly halted the practice on Thursday evening following widespread criticism.

The four, Anil Patil, Prakash, Gangaram and Manjunath, were performing nude worship for the past fifteen days under the guidance of the group leader, Ramesh Guruswamy.

While we may tolerate a slight degree of slovenliness for ourselves, the outside world cannot be allowed to sense that. Therefore, a maid serves to 1) do the manual work, 2) keep up the shape of the house for you the resident, 3) keep up the appearance of the house for them, the guests, and 4) maintain your image as a kaiser of cleanliness.

That’s a hefty package of duties to place on any one person.

In the West, only a particular wealthy cross-section can afford to employ ‘help’.

That is something you do for strangers or friends, and not for money. Most Indians don’t shy away from the term, although there is hardly anything servile about a maid demanding a raise just when your extended family is flying in for a week.

There is also a danger in firing too many maids too quickly.

It is said that a fussy employer doesn’t get many maids.

However, this did not go down well with other Aiyyappa devotees. Worshipping Lord Aiyyappa is such a sacred ritual and this is the first that any devotee has done this,” he fumed.

Veteran actor Shivaram, who has been a Sabarimala devotee for the past 48 years, ridiculed this form of worship. “Aiyyappa devotees are usually guided by their ‘Guruswamy’ a leader of the group and their ‘Guruswamy’ seems to have misguided them,” he observed.

The size of the lie is so large it leaves one speechless, but at least the ring was saved. And yet, as the maid leaves with her purse in the shape of the stolen item, Mrs Debnath will force a smile and kind word and let her walk out. Because “the maid does good work, I don’t want to lose her.” What is it about domestic chores that makes people put up with theft and lies?

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