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He can wander your event performing magic with Viagra Pastile Pret and coins literally within inches of your eyes or he can perform large scale illusions on stage before thousands of Viagra Pastile Pret.

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Lastly, many of Rondini's shows are for groups that have had him for over 10 years in a row.

Other performers might be able to give you dates of performances they have performed for.

In 19, he was honored to be awarded the title of the Fox Cities Favorite Local Entertainer.

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Strolling magic works great if you do not have the facilities or a desire to have a crowd of people watching a performance.

Rondini can stroll your event performing magic with cards and coins right where the people are.

Rondini has been entertaining since 1977 and uses that experience to provide you quality entertainment.

Rondini offers professional shows suitable for all ages. For example an anti-drug message of motivational message can be used in the patter of most tricks.

Some performers are strictly a "children's entertainer." Rondini has become well known as both a children's entertainer as well as a highly sought after featured entertainer for adult groups.

At his adult shows, humor and drama mix together for a memorable night.

In the fall of 2008, Rondini added his WEIRD SCIENCE COMEDY SHOW.

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